Sayuri Luvixe

Geisha - Culinarian - Wealthy Explorer

Elemental - Kujata“Life is tiring. We all need a safe haven. Allow me to be yours.”

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RP Profile

Gender and Sexual Preferences- Cis Female who is Pansexual.- Lalas are SFW only. Hroths/Roes on a case by case basis
(Sayuri is more likely to take a Hroth/Roe lover as a Viera, Elezen, Femroe, Highlander or Miqo'te.)

Relationship Status- Married to R'aeyon Luvixe
- Secondary partner (Triad member) Nightingale Eryuell.
- In an open relationship (But not looking for more permanent lovers [Playtime only])

Races/Height of Sayuri. (She is a ditto)
Front picture will always be of what she is at the moment.

Auri (Raen/Xaela)Tiny (slider at 0)
Viera (Rava/Veena)Tall (Slider at 100)
Miqo'te, MoonTall (Slider at 100)
Elezen, WildwoodTall (slider at 100)
Hyur, HighlanderMiddle (slider at 50)
Femroe, HellsguardTall (Slider at 100)

Job/s- Geisha (personal companion)
- Culinarian
- Adventure companion (mentor status for extra exp and all jobs at lvl 90)
- Party enjoyer (with the right company)
- Hostess at certain venues (See list below)

Personality Keywordsinnovative, elegant, compassionate, thoughtful, flirtatious, professional, peaceful, attentive, perceptive, experienced, sophisticated, mature, classy, supportive, playful

LikesBooks, reading, music, experimenting with new recipes, crafting for others, playing with the design of her house and being with her friends.

DislikesBeing too hot or too cold, certain foods, people who judge you without getting to know you and spiders.

Strengths- Expertly trained in how to make her clients feel special and like you are everything to her.
-Has learnt though years of experience; how to listen to people's problems and woes and suggest practical solutions to their issues.
- Fully trained in all forms of Shibari, total bondage, BDSM and how to safely play. (Also able to adjust to what a client may want to do with discussion and negotiation)

Weaknesses- Sometimes too eager to please and will do things she doesn't enjoy if her partner enjoys it.
- Sweets. Any and all kinds (but green tea flavoured sweets are her favorites)
- Sometimes will be cruel and lash out if her temper is aroused. Luckily, this is VERY rare.
- Degrading her partner/s can be challenging for her at times, as she is naturally more nuturing.

Top 9 Kinks100% Non-monogamist
100% Exhibitionist
100% Voyeur
96% Dominant
94% Rigger
90% Experimentalist
85% Brat tamer
84% Switch
71% Degrader

Hostess at:

Mist, ward 18 plot 35
Atomos, Elemental
9pm - 2am GMT+8
---------------------On break
The Goblet Ward 25 Plot 30
Kujata, Elemental
10pm-2am GMT+8
008 website
Bar Sapphire
Elemental - Tonberry - The Lavender Beds - Ward 3 Plot 36
Thursday 9pm- 1am GMT+8

Venue Open ANYTIMENova Hotel
Elemental - Tonberry - Goblet
Ward 2 Plot 43
7 PM - 2 AM GMT+8
Nova Hotel Carrd
----------------SFW ONLYLITTLE COMET
Elemental - Tonberry
Empyreum Ward 25 Plot 38
Fridays fortnightly
9PM-12MN GMT+8


Sayuri was born to a Geisha mother. Her Patron stayed away from the small girl as she grew, only giving her mother money for Sayuri’s upkeep. She grew up watching her mother, absorbing everything she saw. Her first clumsy steps were her trying to catch the hem of her mother’s kimono as it swirled around her ankles. She started imitating her mother’s dance steps at the age of 2 and by the time she was 10, she was a budding maiko, her mother proudly sending her to schooling in the geisha arts.She ‘turned her collar’ and took her first clients as a geisha at the age of 18. She was the toast of the town and blossomed under the attention. She took her first patron at 20 years of age and was happily entertaining clients all night when she received news that changed her life. Her mother’s patron, her father passed away. She was stunned to receive the news that the extremely wealthy man had left three quarters of his fortune to her, with a quarter going to her mother ‘In gratitude for the long relationship they had’Sayuri was now a very wealthy woman. She took a week off of her geisha duties, pleading a period of mourning for a death in the family and she pondered. What did she want from her life? She enjoyed her work, being a social darling of the wealthy. But….. she realised with a pang of regret, she wanted more. She wanted to travel the world, now that she had the means to, she wanted to be more. To own her own small place where she could entertain people, cook for them and share her stories. She made arrangements with her geisha house and had her leaving ceremony. She bid all her geisha friends farewell and kissed her mother on the cheek before promising to visit as much as she could.She took her first trip around the world that very year, learning everything she wanted to. She found a place she loved in the culinarian world of Limsa, cooking with her fellow culinarians and enjoying the whole process of turning ingredients into delicious meals. She is now working for various venues in Eorzea as she misses the geisha lifestyle during the nights, as she cooks during the day

Additional Lore:

Sayuri's nameSayuri's name was chosen by her mother. Her mother was a successful Geisha in Kugane and had her daughter with her patron's blessings. Her father supported the baby girl as she grew, but stayed far away. Her original last name 'Takahashi' was his. The only mark he left upon her life. (Save for leaving his wealth to her upon his death.)When she met her husband R'aeyon Luvixe, she wasn't sure about marrying the rough looking bunny smith. But on their second meeting (He calls it a date) he proposed to her. The silly bunny told her 'I'm gonna marry you.' to which she replied 'You'll have to convince me first' (He did.)After she married Rae, she took his end name and has been happily living as Sayuri Luvixe ever since.

Where she livesSayuri used the millions of gil she inherited from her wealthy father to purchase a personal home in Kugane years after she left it for the first time. She also has spent her gil on a house for her husband to use as his shop/forge. But often you will see Sayuri wandering around Eorzea as she socialises with friends and Rae's family.

favourite hobbiesSayuri's guilty pleasure hobby is making and eating sweets. LOTS of sweets. She works out every day to keep looking good so she can splurge on her sweet treats. She also dabbles in decorating family's and friends houses. Every so often you'll see her apartment locked and then walk into her personal apartment after she opens it and see major changes as she is trying out something new.

Skills'If you can think of it, you can make it.' Sayuri's motto and words she lives by. Sayuri's main skills ( besides her Geisha training ) is crafting. She is a multi crafter and enjoys making things for those she loves.For battle, she has been a jack-of-all-trades for years. However lately she has been enjoying fighting as a reaper and channeling the voidsent she contracted with.

What makes her self-consciousSayuri gets very self-conscious about her crafting at times. When things don't come out perfect due to things out of her control, she curses herself and doubts her skills. She also gets self-conscious about her looks ( she had a rather nasty accident with a experimental potion and now if she sustains critical damage, she changes race. )

SexualitySayuri is very much a polyamorous pansexual. She currently has 2 husbands R'aeyon and Nightingale. She is also very overtly sexual, constantly flirting, but this is ingrained habits from her training. She is intensely loyal to her partners especially her first partner Rae.Sayuri is also a switch, but she leans heavily towards Domme. ( 90% Domme, 10% Sub ) To fully submit to someone, they need to understand her mindspace and make her submit. But Sayuri has only met 2 people who have managed this feat and she married the second one

"Friends"Sayuri has ‘friends’ and friends. The first are the people she’s friendly with, but are people she sees from time to time. Her friends are the people she surrounds herself with, sees very often and that she treats as family. She would die for her friends, support them through thick and thin and are the people she allows herself to be vulnerable with.

Night time habits.Sayuri suffers from insomnia, and has extreme trouble falling asleep due to it. Unless she is exhausted, she takes 3-4 hours laying in bed to fall asleep. On bad nights, when the thoughts whirling through her head never stop, she lies in bed with all her worries and fears running through it. They begin with worry about her boys, her friends and then it devolves into whatever has been going wrong in the past weeks, months, year.

What made you and what could have been.The one moment that made Sayuri the person she is today was her father dying. While he was absent her entire life, his death opened her world view, because instead of remaining a Geisha the rest of her life, she now had more funds and opportunities than she ever imagined she could have and she was able to dream about what she could be.If this moment had never happened, she would still be a Geisha and never would have met her rough bunny smith and lazy alchemist.I suppose if Sayuri had chosen another path, she probably would have become a wealthy Kugane resident and probably gotten into buying and selling goods, becoming a merchant for the fun of it.

Her accidentWhile travelling around after she left her job as a Geisha, Sayuri became fascinated with the eorzean traditional ways of crafting. She threw herself into learning it whole-heartedly. During one of her various lessons with a master alchemist, she threw together a potion she thought would work and was horrified to see it begin to bubble and froth. She only had time to throw her hands in front of her face before it exploded and she blacked out. She woke in the infirmary and was shaken to her core when she spoke and another person’s voice spilled out from her lips. The master said she was extremely lucky, as instead of dying from the damage the explosion caused, it seems the potion changed her form. Over the years, she learnt that it was permanent and random as to what race/sex she transformed into. (The first time she became a male she fainted)

BirthplaceBorn in the Sanjo Hanamachi in the Rakuza district of Kugane

Birth raceSayuri was born a viera. Her mother left the jungle and travelled to Kugane when she was young, and has been working as a successful Geisha for decades. Sayuri’s father was a fellow exile and has now passed from old age.
Sayuri's mother and father met in Kugane and began a decades long love affair, and her father became her mother's patron and supported her and their soon-to-be-born kitling.
Sayuri has discovered by testing herself again and again that despite her outward changes due to her accident, her genetics still read as viera. She hopes and prays that this means she will live as long as most viera do.

Offered Services

SFW RP250k1 hour
ERP500k1 hour
BDSM erp1 million1 Hour
Gpose SFW100k1 pose
Gpose NFSW300k1 pose
RP/ERP lessons300k an hourTakes 2+ hours.

Don't see something you want from me? Shoot me a dm on twitter and we can discuss it


Hello! I’m the player behind Sayuri _ I’m an Aussie who plays on Elemental. My time zone is GMT+10/GMT+11 (daylight savings SUCKS for RP X.X). I’m a long time writer (over 20 years) and reader whose favourite things to do is write long, detailed back stories and lore blurbs for my gal. I got into RP/ERP in 2020, but I’ve been playing FF14 since mid SB (2018) While I’m fairly new in the RP/ERP community, I’ve enjoyed my time playing with you all and look forward to many more years rp’ing together!Sayuri’s personality is different to mine. While she’s bold, I’m shy. I am flirty if I know you and like you, but I don’t mean much by it. I just like making people smile from compliments. I am aware that the people behind their characters might not like the attention Sayuri gives them, so please feel free to message me in OOC to tell me to cool it off; making others uncomfortable is the LAST thing I want. While I’m not very active on my twitter (I mostly retweet stuff on there) I do read DMs so feel free to dm if you wanna chat!

What I’m looking to RP about- Going on dates/ Going to events
- Doing content together/Helping you out with things
- RP/ERP with people (And if I really like you, I might not charge you winks)
- Friendships/relationships built over time (This is on a case by case basis, as I would have to work out how much time I have spare for world building etc)

*Things I am NOT comfortable RP’ing about- Non con/Forced Non con. (unless discussed beforehand and NEVER on me. I might be willing to for a scene, but expect A LOT of aftercare and fussing afterwards)
- Abuse in any forms - sexual, verbal, physical and racisim.
- Any hard NO’s on my kinklist - provided upon request.

My Personal Boundaries- I am NOT looking for a RL relationship. I am happily taken by 2 amazing partners
- While I am willing to try for long term interactions, I am very busy in game and in RL.

Contact Details

Feel free to shoot me a dm on twitter about my services or just to get to know mewinks